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Explore the updates of PBS Systems

At PBS Systems, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Join us as we explore the latest updates, features, and improvements that are driving our technology forward. In this blog, we'll keep you informed about the exciting advancements we're making to better serve your needs. Discover how PBS Systems is evolving to stay ahead of the curve.

Dealer Fuel

Dealer Conference 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee

Our full schedule and content have been released! It's the perfect opportunity to engage and elevate your store with our v10 platform training.

Inside Innovation

Elevate your dealership’s Financial Analysis

Access these features now - reach out to our Releases team to schedule your update today! 

OEM Updates

PBS has completed the CRM Certification Program for VW and Audi brands in the USA and Canada, launching our CRM tools across all VW-Audi retailers in these regions. Click to explore our CRM solutions!

PBS is now a certified DMS provider for Volvo retailers in the USA, following our certification with Volvo Cars Canada in December 2020. Find out how our DMS can benefit your dealership!

PBS ranked first in many categories in Toyota Canada's annual dealer satisfaction survey, which shares feedback with all certified DMS companies. See why dealers trust PBS Systems – click here!

PBS is among the initial DMS providers approved by this new North American OEM, and we look forward to future integrations with their dealers. Stay tuned for exciting updates – click here!

We've launched our new eContracting integration at two dealerships (Audi and Volkswagen) in the USA and will continue deploying this service state-by-state with VCI. Learn more about our eContracting services – click here!


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The Road Trip

Ribit - AI-powered marketing system
Trela Technologies - Data collection app
SynergyPro Solutions - Feature-driven web services 
Capital Data Analytics - Customized analytics
M5 Management Services - Coaching firm 

The following are some of our most recently added PBS partners. If a vendor has inquiries regarding the PBS Partner Program, please contact

Latest Partners Updates

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