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Meet the ex

Meet the Executive Team

PBS Systems - Lynn McNeill

Senior Vice President of Sales

Lynn McNeill

If you’ve ever had the chance to interact with Lynn, it’ll come as no surprise that he’s the best storyteller at PBS!


Cultivating relationships with customers, OEMs, and partners for over 25 years, Lynn is truly our relationship guru.

PBS Systems - Kevin Preston

Vice President of DMS Sales

Kevin Preston

Kevin’s keen understanding of the DMS industry and his unmatched devotion to sales has been instrumental in expanding our reach.


Without a doubt, he is the most in tune with our customers’ needs.

PBS Systems - Dan Beaton

Vice President of Software Development

Dan Beaton

The other half of the dynamic Development duo with Chris, the only thing sharper than Dan’s wardrobe is his wit.


One of his claims to fame is finding things that our dealers do manually and building digital tools to do it better in the future.

PBS Systems - Andy Feltmate

Vice President of Client Services

Andy Feltmate

With over 20 years of automotive DMS management experience, Andy has been invaluable to PBS since joining the company in 2005 and brings a passion for Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the future of technology.

PBS Systems - Kathleen Bruce

Corporate Controller

Kathleen Bruce

A mainstay of stability, Kathleen is a PBS veteran.


In her role, she supports the structure and strength of the business through best practices and adherence to operational integrity.  We’re in good hands with Kathleen behind the wheel.

PBS Systems - Paul Nevatte

Vice President of Corporate Development

Paul Nevatte

Paul focuses directly on the corporate needs of our customers, specifically Credit Card Processing.


A pioneer of this technology in the industry, he has envisioned how to best align it with our DMS and ensured its success for our customers and PBS alike.

Vice President of Dealer Services

Tracy Moraes

A steadfast member of the PBS family for 29 years, Tracy’s journey with us began when we had just 25 staff. Under her leadership, she established Dealer Services – a large, dynamic team dedicated to software deployment and training across North America.

Tracy’s logistical prowess, customer-first outlook and can-do attitude have earned her recognition as both a respected leader and a cherished friend within PBS.

PBS Systems - Dave Bradley

President of PBS

Dave Bradley

One of the original company founders, Dave is our fearless leader who continuously pushes the envelope toward his vision for the organization.


Without his guidance and dedication, PBS wouldn’t be the market leader that it is today.


It all started with a mustache…

PBS Systems - Marilyn Bradley

Executive Vice President of Operations

Marilyn Bradley

Dave’s partner in crime and founding partner, Marilyn devotes a calm and thoughtful approach to business, one that cascades throughout the workforce.


She is the guiding force of leadership in the planning and execution of company operations.

PBS Systems - Chris Bradley

Vice President of Software and Services

Chris Bradley

Visionary. Architect. Dreamer.

Chris has worked on virtually every iteration of the PBS software and continues to guide its direction, ensuring we have the best resources in place to develop, install, and support phenomenal products into the future.

PBS Systems - Shelly Scott

Vice President of Business Communications

Shelly Scott

Shelly’s innovation-oriented attitude and commitment to our people have driven her focus toward the growth and diversification of our business.


Always trying new solutions and bridging gaps, Shelly’s our keen trailblazer, bringing the PBS of tomorrow into today.

 Meet the Executive Leadership Team

The Bradley Family -

Where it All Began

PBS Systems’ founders Dave and Marilyn Bradley started the company legacy in their basement, back in 1988. Since then, they have built PBS from the ground up, with their two children, daughter Shelly and son Chris.

The History of PBS Systems

With a strong commitment to the business and a desire to continually evolve, PBS has grown tremendously in over 30 years. Discover the difference in doing business with PBS.

"At PBS, you are not just an employee, customer, or partner - you are an integral part of the family."







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