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Follow the leader

For over 30 years, PBS solutions have been the backbone for some of North America’s most prominent dealerships.

Whatever the requirements, our people and software have seen it all. So, dream big.

The Midas Touch

We’ve refined the art of training dealership personnel so that everything they touch turns to gold. 

With staff trained on our software, your operations are ready to redline.

You'll never walk alone

Award winning customer service. Industry leading customer retention. Neither is possible without comprehensive support services.

We don’t rely on bots – we pick up the phone. That’s PBS Support.  

Our support is...

Everything you need to keep your team ticking

Today's thoughts.

Tomorrow's truth.

Your ambitions are bold; don’t let your DMS provider stand in your way. Our full-scale dealership solutions package is designed to grow your business. So, take on any dream and let PBS Systems pave your road to reality.   

Building the best dealerships from the ground up.

PBS Systems has guided thousands of dealers to their full potential. The key is creating the most capable workforce through topflight training, superior support, and the most developed DMS software.

Our polish helps dealerships shine.

Results that speak to dealerships.

It’s no secret that our 99% retention rate and endlessly high customer satisfaction scores have put us at the head of the class.   

You’re sure to fulfill your ambitions with top-notch customer service and PBS’ capable hands.

Exceed expectations with our most powerful DMS yet.

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We Optimize Your Dealership for Sustainable Growth

More than “all-in-one” software, v10 by PBS Systems is the big-picture dealership package. From acclaimed dealer training to groundbreaking technology, we set you up to sell more units, service more vehicles, and move more people.

Let’s talk about numbers:


Customer Retention Rate


Over 2400 rooftops currently running PBS DMS in North America


Dealer Groups that use PBS Enterprise level deployment

"I've been in the car business for over 30 years, and PBS has by far the best customer service! I recommend them to other dealers."

Lori S.


"I had our whole group, which was eight stores and is now seventeen, switched to PBS"

Shane P.

Ford Lincoln

“Great team of people who made the transition very smooth. They were excellent to deal with!”

Reg L.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Serving the most satisfied customers

Anyone can offer an all-in-one DMS. Our v10 software stands alone with intuitiveness framed around a single database structure, moving your staff and clients in extraordinary ways.

Exceed expectations with our most powerful DMS yet.

Sales at the Top

Your customers want to fast forward to when you hand them the keys. Our digital sales flow has you navigate the process with speed and precision to send them off smiling before they know it. Move fast, sell more.

Service in the Digital Era

Nobody likes waiting, especially your service customers. Use digital versatility to handle any shop scenario, and become the maestro of appointments, dispatching, and work orders to clear out your waiting room. Online Appointments, Express Pay and Digital Check in. All with PBS.

Parts to Keep You Planted

Ready and steady. That’s the mark of a potent dealership Parts department. With a full spread of tools designed with customization and intuition in mind, your processes stay simple yet highly adaptable to the unforeseen.   

Accounting Purity

A no-nonsense approach delivers accounting automation where needed and performance everywhere. Tactile dashboards, configurable setups, and dealership-inspired features like in-house leasing form the DNA of this winner.

Car Repair and Maintenance

Explore the Possibilities

Ready to discuss your dealership?

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