Return to Work Message!

Hello everyone,

As information is being released about reopening provinces and states, I am sure that there are questions about plans to return to our offices. Alberta, Ontario, and Texas have started to loosen some restrictions. Dubuque has not at this time. We’ve been monitoring the information and working to get plans in place for a safe and sustainable return to the offices. PBS feels that for most of us, working from home continues to be the best choice. While we can’t wait to have everyone back together again, keeping everyone safe is our priority.

If you:

• Are high risk or live with/care for someone who is,

• Have childcare concerns, or

• Aren’t comfortable yet.

Please know that PBS supports your choice to work from home.

Many of us though, can’t wait to get back into the office, and for you, we’re making some adjustments to make that choice safe as well.

First, we’re going to limit the amount of people coming into the offices to 20%. I’ll be working with managers to determine who has an interest in being in the office and arrange a plan of who can return. If you wish to be back into the office, please let your manager or me know so we can start planning.

Second, we’d like everyone to start using the main doors of their respective office. We’ll be setting up the fobs so that all other doors may be used as exits only. This is to ensure that we know how many people are in the office and that they are feeling well enough to be there.

PBS has developed an app for people to complete prior to, or as you enter, the office buildings to verify whether you are currently suffering any symptoms. We want to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy environment and confirming symptoms, along with completing contactless temperature checks as you arrive to work, will be part of that process. All of the health information provided will be kept confidential.

PBS is currently sourcing supplies of masks, gloves, and contactless thermometers for each office and assessing maximum capacities for boardrooms and eating areas. The increased cleaning services that were sourced in March, will continue in all offices. As will having high touch areas wiped down during the day and limiting the amount of people accessing the office. Like all things, this is going to take some time to put together. To get started please: • Notify me or your manager if you are interested in returning to work in the office, and • If you are currently working in the office, use the main entrance Return to work (COVID – 19) May 2020

• Download the health check app, and start using it before you come into the office (instructions below) When we’re ready to start bringing more people into the office I will send out more information. Whatever you’re doing now, please continue doing that. More instructions will come as the office is ready.

Thank you,

Kristin Feltmate, Director, Employee Relations & Leadership Development


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