Corporate Travel: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

As we continue to support our clients during the everchanging climate of COVID-19, PBS continues to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and their families, customers, and partners as our top priority. Corporate travel has been limited in line with federal advisories. As we continue to plan for future success, travel schedules have come up as points of discussion.

This FAQ document highlights some of the frequently asked questions from PBS staff regarding travel. Please note this document is accurate, as of the date it was published, regular process changes are expected in line with Government guidelines.

If I get sick while on site, what happens?

If you get sick while travelling for work, the same policy applies as it did prior to COVID-19. PBS will work with each individual and each situation uniquely. Specific to COVID-19, if you feel symptoms of illness, you will be asked to go back to the hotel immediately to self-isolate and will need to email From there, we will work with you to try to get you home. If travel is not an option, PBS will ensure that you have a place to stay. You will be assisted with accessing medical help, if applicable. Per diems will be immediately increased to accommodate any additional time on the road.

What if I must quarantine while travelling away from home?

Similar to the above question, PBS will ensure the employee is cared for, in financial terms and for accommodation and travel. If I get sick on the install, will I be able to get home? Currently, install travel is primarily restricted to driving. If you are able to travel, PBS will work to have you home as soon as possible. People will have the option to drive themselves if they wish. In the event that travel is prohibited due to health concerns, PBS will ensure that you are not financially liable.

What precautions are we taking for client/dealership visits?

Project Managers are meeting with dealership decision makers prior to any travel. At this time, they are working to ensure that physical distancing efforts and best hygiene practices are in place at the store level. Should the dealership then be deemed in compliance with COVID-19 standard precautions, the team will visit. Teams are limited where possible and vehicle travel is limited to two members of staff to reduce exposure risk. PPE is provided for all staff to use onsite. Laser pointers have been made available to ensure physical distancing is adhered to where possible.

What is included in the PPE kits provided to staff prior to going on site?

The standard install PPE kit contains 20 pairs of gloves, 10 disposable masks, and where available, hand sanitizer. Each office has a supply of these kits for all staff going onsite. If you are unsure how to access the kits, please ask the Project Manager prior to going on an install.

For more information, please visit the PBS website.


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