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Canada's Luxury Tax is Now In-Effect

Updated: May 31

With the luxury tax taking effect tomorrow, we wanted to be sure to provide you with additional information.

A software update has been applied to all PBS dealerships over the course of the last week. If you create a deal with a contract date after September 1st, the luxury tax will calculate on the deal according to the new federal guidelines.

The next step is to ensure that you update your bill of sale to handle the new disclosure.

  • Some dealerships have already reached out to us to disclose the luxury tax on their contract. If you have contacted us, these changes are in progress, and we will follow up with you soon.

  • We have received updated documents from both MDA and UCDA. If you are a member of either of these groups, please contact PBS Sales Support to update your bill of sale to the new version. *Note: Updated standard bills of sale from other dealer associations are upcoming but have not yet been verified.

All other dealers who will be charging luxury tax should contact PBS Sales Support to have their bill of sale updated.

PBS Support Phone: 1-800-665-6304 ext. 194

If you have any additional information regarding Luxury Tax in your area, please share with Sales Support at the email above.

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