Our Dealer Management System (DMS) known as v10 is a software that compliments the existing practices and collective knowledge of your dealership.

Think of PBS as a complete puzzle, where each integral puzzle piece has been brought together to form the bigger picture. These puzzle pieces include the specifics you need to manage your dealership, such as Accounting, Fixed Ops, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, etc. All of the pieces fit together to create our all-encompassing DMS.

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It is no secret that staying in touch with customers before, during and after their interactions with the dealership is paramount to a dealerships’ success. We have a fully integrated CRM module to give your staff the ability to interact with all customers


  • Fully customizable, individually tailored, multi-platform system

  • Reminder-based system prevents customers from “falling through the cracks”

  • Guarantees that your dealerships’ message is conveyed as specifically as you have designed it, customized uniquely for each interaction

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PBS understands that in today’s ultra-competitive world of automotive sales, your DMS should be your greatest ally. It is our mission to help you increase efficiency, profitability and usability by providing a comprehensive view of dealership activity



  • Fully-integrated Lead module ensures that you are set up for success each time you interact with a potential customer

  • Software will search your database against current customers, allowing for immediate follow up, tracking and reporting



Our Deal module will give your Sales Team a refreshing and unique selling experience!


  • Entire sales process exists on a single interface

  • Sales process flows seamlessly from lead to prospect, to quote to sold deal


The Service Department is a fast-paced environment that thrives off efficiency and customer retention. The navigation and search features available in PBS v10 are top of the line, making our DMS the most user-friendly experience in the industry

  • Provides a seamless experience from start to finish, for both the customer and your dealership staff

  • Includes a Messenger feature in which you can correspond with all departments and your customers

  • Web appointments make it easier for customers to book directly on your website

  • Completely integrated CRM means the possibilities are endless when creating mailers or building campaigns

Selling Parts is all about immediate access to parts information that will help you make the best business decisions when billing, ordering and managing the inventory. Our PBS v10 software offers features that will help your staff, while keeping you aware of your overall investment

  • Seamless integration with the Service Department through intuitive workflows and built-in communication tools

  • Comprehensive special order parts processes that incorporate industry-wide inventory control best practices

  • Integrated communication with OEM parts catalogues allowing for quick transfer of parts lists for easy quoting and ordering

  • On-demand reporting for specific analytics and measurement


The PBS Accounting software is the breath of fresh air that you’ve been looking for. With a tremendous focus on automating your day-to-day routine tasks, you can concentrate your time and energy on the tasks that benefit you the most

  • ​Intuitive, easy to navigate dashboards for managing day-to-day functionality

  • Customization allows for simple general ledger entries and effortless receipting

  • Track and process accounts receivable and accounts payable without difficulty

In House Leasing (Auto Billing)
Keeping track of an In-House Lease Department can be a daunting task at the best of times, but not with PBS:

  • Straightforward and fully integrated billing technology

  • Automated lease billing that handles weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, any term!