Our mission is to deliver leading edge technology solutions that will exceed our customers' expectations. We continue to strive as a leader in DMS technology and set our sights high in a constantly evolving industry.


Since 1988, PBS has been dynamic, modern, and innovative in its leading-edge technology solutions. With consistent growth each year and proven results in the software we develop, we pride ourselves on being a company that always provides reliable Dealership software.


For over 30 years,  PBS has been reaching deeply into the wealth of dealership experience in our team and customer base, driving our system forward to deliver unexpected power in surprisingly intuitive tools.

Decisions are made with the help of our customers and this development strategy has been paramount since the first customer joined the PBS family.

PBS fosters a corporate culture emphasizing innovative and ongoing investment in technical research, and the adoption of new avenues to improve dealership presence with our customers.

The PBS software operates on an innovative structure designed to stay ahead of the curve, take advantage of technological opportunities, as well as defining and responding to valuable industry trends.