Day-to-day business has been redefined! Find out how the latest PBS features can assist your dealership in navigating the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry today.


In this online series, we will explore all the new and exciting software updates to come in the Sales, Service, Parts and Accounting tracks, as well as a specially featured CRM track that will revolutionize the way you run your dealership!


Join us in the FREE webinar series, get the scoop on what's coming and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with our PBS Product Experts and expand your knowledge of v10!

Webinar Series October 13 - 23


“Thank you so much. The knowledge acquired will be put in function. My hats off congratulations to PBS having these seminars that go beyond educating people, it allows people of the industry to meet, discuss opportunities, put our minds into productive things amid the moments we are living. Thank you again.”

"I really appreciate the webinars and the bits of information I've gotten from them will be utilized once our version of v10 is updated! Thanks team!"

"Great sessions! I am happy that there are so many different topics the PBS touched upon in these webinars."



Join us in the FREE webinar series, get the scoop on what's coming and take advantage of this opportunity to help shape and refine these up-and-coming tools!

Webinar Series October 13 - 23



Customer Engagement Specialist

Ann Kerr

With over 15 years of experience working for a DMS, I have built relationships with customers and coworkers that I cherish.

Customer Engagement Specialist

Laura Kovacic

As a new member to the PBS family, I have been able to blend both my experience and my personality to enhance my role in the Product Marketing department.

Customer Engagement Specialist

Jacleen Kueter

I started working for PBS 3 years ago and I am currently a Content Specialist in the Product Education department.

Customer Engagement Specialist

Tommy Latour

Learning something new every day has motivated me over the past decade in the dealership world, where I assumed a variety of Service and Parts roles. 

Team Lead - Education

Kendall Gunderson

I joined the PBS family in 2008 and have worked in several different departments, focusing on different aspects of the company throughout my time with PBS!

Product Marketing Manager

David MacMillan

After over 10 years of fixed ops experience at a Chrysler store I sought out a new career and was lucky enough to be part of creating the Product Marketing department at PBS. 

Customer Engagement Specialist

Frank Lazzarino

I am relatively new to PBS. I bring extensive automotive background involving Sales, Service and Manufacturing experience totaling approximately 10 years.

Customer Engagement Specialist

Tianna Barnes

I began working here at PBS 3 and a half years ago, in the Sales Support team! 

Customer Engagement Specialist

Joy Sambo

I have worked with dealer management systems for over 2 decades specializing in Sales & Finance.

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Webinar Series October 13 - 23

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