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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.


Understanding, your customers' concerns, diagnosing and fixing the problem quickly and efficiently while maximizing the earnings of each opportunity; sounds pretty simple to most people yet dealerships spend so much time trying to make their DMS work in this simple fashion. PBS service modules simply open all these doors for you. Customer screens are easy to read and navigate through. Multiple steps are put into place to avoid duplicate customer entries and to keep your data clean for future farming. There is a seamless flow from the write-up screens into your technician dispatch screens. Your technicians will enjoy easy access to answers of questions they typically have on a daily basis such as how many hours have they logged to date. At any time, your advisors can access the status of the vehicle from the convenience of their station and in a timely manner to better respond to your customers' requests. The extremely functional closing screen will be a refreshing change to your staff.

These are the basics to the service module. In addition to this, you will find PBS provides electronic signature capture, labor time guide integration and many additional revenue generating point of sale tools.

AristoGold Electronic VIN Explosion
The AristoGold e-Vin application is a web-based application that provides full VIN detail by decoding the serial number of any vehicle.

Let us show you how the PBS service application will provide you with better controls and more potential to make your store money!

Before the RO is Created
Our software provides the maximum Service experience. Every stage prior to the repair order being created drives revenue into the dealership. Starting with web integration through the PBS propriety customer portal, customers can easily book a service appointment. Once the customer enters your dealership, our Aristo Service software will maximize revenue through service prompts, notifying your staff of opportunities to upsell. Create customized inspection sheets that can be viewed remotely on an iPad making it easy for your technician to make notes on the inspection sheet and then save them to the RO authorization process.

Dispatching/Tech Dispatch
Dispatch and Tech Dispatch are fully integrated into our software. No need to go search through screens; the information you need is right
in front of you. These modules use unparalleled work order routing and technician assignment metrics that bring efficiency into the dealership. Labor times automatically updating the systems internal time clock and the ability for the technicians to request parts make it easy for the staff to do their day to day jobs.

Service Marketing
Stop paying third party companies and cut that cost completely. Aristo Service Marketing is fully integrated into our system and is designed
to market to specific groups of your customers. Create custom maintenance plans and easily communicate to your customers. Reactivate your lost customers while increasing revenue at the time of the appointment. Keep your customers wanting more through conditioning them back into your dealership.